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Quirky Tokri is an integrated communication agency committed to telling stories which can potentially drive positive change in the lives of an oft-overlooked majority. A Tokri is an Indian handmade basket and just like a Tokri holds assorted items, we aim to capture all dimensions of the stories that transpire at the grassroots of the nation through a bunch of services.

A zealous bunch of people from the fields of rural livelihood and communication, we endeavour to call attention to the struggles and achievements of the less privileged. This commitment also allows us to become an authentic voice for the brands that aim to speak to the masses.

In our efforts to document social interventions by corporates and governments, we go beyond and capture the human stories of courage and resilience that influence and inspire. If you're a brand which aspires to truly connect with the Indian populace, allow us to become your voice.



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Brand Creation

We take the time to really understand your business and help you establish an identity which stands out among the multitudes of brands. We build an emotional connection between you and your customers by highlighting not just what you do but why you do it. The Tokri holds the entire range of services required to build brands which appeal to human emotions and endure the test of time.

Brand Refresh

In case your existing Brand is failing to keep pace with the consumer, let the Tokri come to your aid. We help you evolve and adapt your brand by rethinking your Brand personality, Brand voice and aesthetic design inspired by latest cultural trends and unique consumer insights.


Communication Campaigns


Find in us partners who take the time to understand your business and help you narrow down what your organization needs on the communication front.


Through extensivce research and deliberation, we help you devise a communication strategy based on the latest market trends and the goals of your organization


The Tokri has all the ingredients required to ideate an indelible communication for your organization that carves a unique Brand identity

Channels & Execution

Identifying and facilitating the ideal communication channels and adapting Brand communications for each of those for optimised returns.


Exploring media mechanisms to ensure greater reach and maximum dissemination of the Brand communication.


Visual Storytelling

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Why Us?

Our expertise in the social sector coupled with our creative storytelling abilities allow us to create compelling narratives which multiply the reach for social interventions manifolds.

With the ability to emotively connect to the situation and the understanding of the social landscape, we are able to capture films with stunning nuance and context.

As your communication partner, we enable you to share not just the stories but the entire range of human emotions behind your social investment with the viewers and create a lasting impact.


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